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"My Fight Club Within"

A highly anticipated first work from
Patricia Simon
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 “My Fight Club Within” by: Patricia Simon

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"This is How I Fight My Battles Workbook"

An inspirational guide that will not only show you how but give you steps on how to change your life today. I went through hell and now I'm better for it. This is my true heart and what happened to me. This was my experiences and when you take these steps you too will learn how to feel, heal and be real and get better too. "My Fight Club Within" is the lyrics and this workbook will teach you the moves to your own personal dance. Let's connect together!

Patricia Simon, a Dallas debutant looks through the window of dyslexia with a smile as she masters her new found talent as a writer. A Fitness Coach and Rhythm & Soul instructor who read countless self-help books, never finding the real connection desperately needed for her world, finally discovering that help would have to come from within...
And setting the stage to write her first book, "My Fight Club Within."

A Non-Fiction Author who writes about her struggles while acquainting the reader with her journey of discovery within herself.  She chose to fight her battles and disclose it all in "My Fight Club Within."  She holds nothing back, divulging truth on every page of her story, sharing her many heartfelt adventures throughout the world and journeys of her spirit.


Click here to listen to “My Fight Club Within” narrated by me. I would appreciate an honest review. 

Patricia Simon

Watch the 3 Minute One-on-One interview with me and my son Patrick. Lovely time with laughter in Napa Valley lauching my first book.

"My Fight Club Within."

a family moment
"MY fight Club within"
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A journey in discovering the deepest being by total surrender to a Spirit in leading direction out of many battles within…


"My Fight Club Within" takes you on a journey with Patricia as she faces her many challenges by practicing these three simple steps every day.
Step 1. Awareness - If I feel
Step 2. Action - I can heal
Step 3. Allow - and be real


Picture yourself in your own inner ring and discover the existence of the hidden treasures buried deep within you.

Patricia was forced to look deeply into her fairytale in order to come out.
Her path was winding as she jumped through many rabbit holes, facing the truth inside and out while confronting her greatest fears.

Through her many adventures she found deeply buried desires she had a hidden love for, but her search for true self still eluded her. In time, and in the ring, her hidden desires and dreams came alive leaving the nightmare of loneliness far behind.


"Yes!! “My Fight Club Within” has a happily-ever-after ending and my fairytale came true. This is my true conception of endless love (SPIRIT) finding my inner beauty residing deep within me. It connects all of us with a deep, true inner beauty that’s rooted and grounded in you - Love is  grounded within us, connecting us all in this vast universe with our shared breath.

- Patricia Simon

"My Fight Club Within"

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